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Nattanon’s History of Human in Space Lecture


Answer the following questions on this website using the comment section below :

  1. Why are you interested in the AstroBiotech class?
  2. How would biotechnology impact space exploration in the future?
  3. What the world will be like if Von Braun were captured by Soviet Union, will there be Mercury, Gemini or Apollo?
  4. If you have to convince the government to support the very frontier space program how will you talk to them ?
  5. What kind of research will benefit the most if we have a space station beyond low earth orbit ?

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  1. 1. Because it’s an unusual topic, otherwise it is made me think and imagine about the future which will possibly occur.
    2. It can provide efficiently facility to support astronaut needs including health, food, living, and so on. For example, an idea to heal a wound itself by using microbial cellulose.
    3. Maybe we will not have Mercury, Gemini or Apollo, but we will have a developed Soyuz which is a successful project and highly advanced space exploration in the Soviet Union. It is possible that the Soviet Union will win against the U.S in the Cold War. Therefore, the collapsed Soviet Union will not happen.
    4. I will talk to them “We need a fund to enhance our researcher to make innovation and improve technology which never did we make”.
    5. Research about how to get edible food, instant, sufficient nutrition, and taste good must be very benefited in the economical and supportive aspect which will support the survival rate of an astronaut.

  2. 1. Astrobiotech is a course that has never been seen before. In addition to it is technology in the future and it is gaining widespread attention.
    2. The impact of biotechnology is very much due to it will improve the astronauts’ working life in space, such as space food and agriculture for reduce pollution in the rocket.
    3. The world probably has war, there are only people who die and there won’t be Mercury, Gemini or Apollo.
    4. I will convince the government about the benefits of the space program, that it can make us discover new resources and prevent the disaster from space such as asteroid strike.
    5. Food and pollution removal research.

  3. 1. I am so interesting for attanded Astrobiotechnology class because I think its the new things that I’ve ever heard. I am always beeing interest about space, about how human can explore the space, also about the condition on the other planet. I would like to search for so much knowledge about astrobiotechnology through this class, because in our country we didn’t have course about astrobiotechnology.

    2. Biotechnology is the largely regarded as its golden age, it was developed for a wealth of microbiological,molecular and genetic techniques. for example that the human genome has been sequenced as have the genomes of a host of plants, animal and bacteria. Miniaturisation and nanotechnology have been integrated with biotechnology. Obviously biotechnology need only be modified and applied to Astrobiology and to solar system exploration. In the future, biotechnology can explore the space and will be potentially involve expedition and settlements on the other planets and physical exploration outside the solar system will be robotic for the foreseeable future.

    3. I think it must be made with a different name, its name will change, not mercury, gemini, or Apollo again, and automatically the history will be different. The rocket will stays there but its made by someone else, only the name will be different. also

    4. We can said that human space exploration helps us to address fundamental questions about our place in the universe and the story of our solar system. Through addressing the challenges related to space exploration we expand technology, create the new industries, and help to foster a spaceful connection with the other nations.

    5. We can researching about microbe in space or in the other planets that can be usefull for medicine in our health industry or can be fertilizer for our environment especially in agriculture, and also we looking for the impact if we use that microbe. We can looking back into the past, the techniques that have been used for solar system exploration (SSE) have been failed completely to detect life. on the traditional techniques that use amino acid analysis, C-Isotope analysis and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS) concluded that no life was contained within the meteorite.
    I think that every crazy little thing will be interesting for scientist’s research.

    astrobiotechnology’s attachment

  4. 1. I think it’s very cool to look upon the history of human revolution and see how much things has discovered back then. using biotechnology, we can know the origins of living things using the help of microorganism. the collaboration between astronomy and biotechnology would be a very exciting and new experience for me, because i always wonder about the universe and wondering if there any living creature outside the earth we live in and the potential of new life. of course, i would like to know more about it.
    2. in the near future, the existence of biotechnology would be very helpful related to space exploration. The techniques in biotechnology would be very beneficial to the future of space exploration due to it’s developing of genetical and molecular techniques, which is an expert way to detect a new life. These techniques helps us to solve the question of “is there any living microbial organism and how can we detect it, and vice versa. Biotechnology is potentially can be the new way to explore the solar system exploration.
    3. In my opinion, If Von Braun were captured by Soviet Union first and not U.S.A, there will still be Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. but U.S.A can’t catch up on Soviet in terms of time making of the spaceflight. Because Von Braun was the reason that America could launch the space aircraft, following Soviet Union.
    4. if i have to convince the government to support the space program, i would give a speech just like Mr. President John F. Kennedy. No jokes intended.
    5. Orbiting in low earth orbit give us chance to start a fundamental and applied research since it’s provides an ideal environment for training.

  5. 1. Because AstroBiotech is a course that has never been before in Thailand. In addition, It has many attractive subject matters and can be useful for future generations.
    2. Biotechnology will greatly affect future space exploration. Because it will improve the ability of astronauts in food, agriculture and medicine such as breed improve plant species and degrade space debris with microbes etc. Therefore, astronauts can survive by reducing pollution in space.
    3. The world may be a war and conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, resulting in the destruction of natural resources and deaths of people. Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects will not be able to happen. Therefore, they will not succeed in sending the spacecraft to explore the moon.
    4. I will convince the government about the advantages of frontier space program. The government can predict the disaster in advance. Therefore, they are able to prepare to deal with situations that may occur in the future such as the attack of asteroids from outer space etc.
    5. Science of Food, Agriculture and Medicine Research.

  6. Answer. 1.
    The course content and outline seem to be somewhat different than our usual learning in the foeld of science and biotechnology. This course may help us to share our ideas which might be crazy, strange or logical without mentors and fellow friends to do brain storm and think out of the shells that could be possible with little modification and guidance.
    Answer. 2.
    The applications of biotechnology in the recent era could be evidence from advances in agriculture, health, industries and environment. As biotechnology is all about the study and research of the molecular networks, mechanisms and their manipulation for a betteroutcome, therefore, with the knowledge can be employed for the exploration of space to set up a life over there woth all possible necessities that a living body demands for. Hence, biotechnology along with other fields of science will be promosing choice to consider and carry out research to bring every possible outcomes for life.
    Answer. 3.
    As per my understanding if the case would be like that so there won’t be any such abrupt alteration in the present history because the Soviet Union compete with the U.S in every possible development regarding space exploration. Therefore, the efforts made by tit cannot be aside. However, back to the concern with Mercury, Gemini or Apollo, I think that might be of limited resources and being a centralized set up of Soviet Union, Von Braun might not have such advancement that relates with Apollo particularly. However, concerning Mercury and Gemini the development in the field is quite obvious.
    Answer. 4.
    Well, dealing with the government for convincing for a specific program is a matter of time and logical approach. Based on my logical approach, my priority would be educating the government authorities regarding the concern program to deliver the basics and extend the future perpectives link with the setup of such program. In short, as there is a silence race of advancement, power and economy therefore, my approach will be remarkably towards the aforementioned factors. Further, being a biotechnologist I can put forward the advancement made by the field till date and share the market value of it, which may probably help to strengthen my rationale.
    Answer. 5.
    Since low Earth orbit requires the lowest amount of energy for space station placement which are more accessible. However, having a space station beyond the low earth orbital will be beneficial, because it will allow to explore the space to universe.This way research based on food development and environment regulatory research will be beneficial to allow the life on other planets and make them compatible for living.

    Astrobiotechnology Homework 1

  7. 1. Because this subject might be inspire me in something that I never found before as the possibility to construct biotechnology to use in space air.
    2. We believe that if we can come to visit on the space, but we can’t survive by ourselves without food even through environment, that why biotechnology become important in space area.
    3. It will be nothing in all three choice.
    4. The exploration on this planet is become outdated, why don’t we challenge ourselves by find something new on the space?
    5. the research about can we produce food for feed people without instant food that we prepared under lack of gravity, air and nutrient for growing plant.

  8. 1. Because since I was child I have a very big interest in astronomy and I want to develop my skill and experience in applying technology to astronomy, like how can we develop agriculture in other planet, how can we search for other living creatures or organism on other planet, and how can we build some futuristic spacecraft that support for the space crew in living and survive more that years in space. So many things in astrobiotech class that makes me interest more than everything.
    2. Biotechnology could impact space exploration by developing the supporting system to the space crew that live in other planet or inside the spacecraft with agriculture such as planting potatoes in other planet by using organic waste from the space crew as a fertilizer and made some device that could produce water by burn hydrogen and oxygen safely, so the device could produce water steam that can easily condensed into liquid water, and put it inside the special chamber that big enough to filled with small garden, also with soil that contain with nutrient for the plants. We could build some space garden that can produce food for space crew on other planet.
    3. If von braun was captured by soviet probably there will be nothings like NASA, and their other friends like we all knew today. But there’s only be the most biggest space program that owned by soviet and probably soviet will be the only one country that owns many of the most deadliest nuclear weapons in the world.
    4. I will give the government a space program proposals and persuade the government to fund the proposal like “hey, don’t you want to builds some tough and cool rockets for space program, I’ll make sure that you will be satisfied and will make you known as a country that supporting for cool space program”.
    5. Research that will benefit the most if we have a space station in space is a space garden research, beside it will support the crew life if the research was applied, it could make the space crew could travel more further and longer because they have life support stock, it will provides wider space research than before. Through this research will causing more efficient and benefit for space station and many space programs in the world.


  9. 1. Because I like to watch sci-fi movies especially astro movies,that I have interested in the AstroBiotech class. I want to know about astrology in current and i want to see the technology in the movie to be possible in the future.
    2. I thing biotecnology can develop the world forward and discover new things to improve the important livelihoods of living things and then biotechnology will be beneficial to the development of space technology to better explore life in space.
    3. May be Neil Armstrong not stepping on the moon.
    4. I will convince the government about impotent of space technology to dicover new knownledge the space and will be devoloped the world and then may be make good credit of country.
    5.Biotechnology and Medicine research.

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