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  1. My greenhouse design

    I design greenhouse in closed system for control conditions to be stable system.Bacause On the Mars have low atmosphere it’s make hard to control conditions if make its open system.

    1. Outer roof is roof for radiation protection.
    2. Use solar cells for source of electrical energy.
    3. Use lamp for light and make plant photosynthesis.
    4. lnner roof made by dome glass for closed system.
    5. Closed system is make water cycle like a Terrarium.
    6. the system have a storage water from water cycle and have a temperature control machine.
    7. Carbon dioxide tank and Oxygen tank for storage and make air flow in greenhouse for gas exchange of plants and for gas balance.
    8. water from greenhouse, waste water From house or from human and from soil or underground sent into the water recycle system for make a good water transport to water tank and good water will be used for greenhouse,house and another system.
    9. waste from human such as poo or waste organic mix to Mars’s soli, its used to make fertilizer.

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