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You are assigned to be the leader of “Aqua” mission on a Mars-liked planet. Following the aquaculture system and greenhouse you designed during the past 2 weeks, your task this time is to design the one-stop service area that can support your crews’ health during your mission.

Extra question: How cat can help astronauts in space? (Optional assignment)

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  1. My design for stop-service in the attached file.

    Extra question: How cat can help astronauts in space?
    The scientist has been realized how the cat reflex and they experimented with the cat in Zero Gravity. They found the technique to rotate the body by looking cat reflex to flip its body and to balance while floating in the weightless conditions.

  2. One-Stop Service design on mars

    How cat can help astronauts in space?
    in my opinion, cat can helps to maintain astronauts mental health by pet them and consider the cat as a friend, they can pet the cat inside space station. so the astronauts doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

    One-Stop Service Design

  3. one stop-service design is in the pdf file.

    Extra question: How cat can help astronauts in space?
    The cat can be used in bioastronautics experiments, especially weightlessness experiments due to it has particularity as a vestibular apparatus (vestibular system), that makes it a unique capability in orienting itself. In addition, the cat can be used to produce wastes, which they are substrates for plant and algae cultivation.

    One stop service

  4. one stop-service design in the attached file.

    Extra Question: How cat can help astronauts in space?
    The cat can help maintain mental health of astronauts because it is user friendly. In addition, It can be used in weightless experiment for predicting movement under weightless condition.

    one-stop service area design 1 copy

  5. One-stop service design in the attached file

    Extra question : How cat can help astronauts in space ?
    In my opinion, cat can help astronauts mental health, because cat can be friends with astronauts.

    One-stop service design

  6. My design for one-stop service is in the attached file below.

    Extra question : how cat can help astronauts in space?

    cat can be used as a model or example by seeing their way in handling zero gravity conditions, how their ability to always land on it’s feet. also by having a cat in space , it could entertain the astronauts, since cats are friendly and by that mean the astronauts could have ‘petting time’, it would also maintain astronauts mental health.


  7. Extra question: How cat can help astronauts in space?

    for study how to cat can balance itself when they jump from high place . astronauts want to know if cat stay in low gravity. How cat balance itself? That is help astronauts to mimic the movement like a cat on space low gravity for balance body movement.

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