Mini-Symposium on Space Exploration, Biotechnology, and Asian Cultures

16th December, 2019

13:00 – 17:00

Future Tales Lab – 8th Floor of 101 True Digital Park

Earth’s natural resources and environments are being deteriorated at unprecedented rates. One of the most viable option of solving this major problem is for humans to become a space faring civilization. However, Humans have their physiology developed to live on Earth; lack of gravity in space can affect said physiology and human mental health. Biotechnology including food, medicine, energy, and more are playing significant role in space colonization. This mini-symposium bring together leading interdisciplinary researchers in the area to discuss and present their research on space exploration, biotechnology, and asian cultures.

Livestream from the Symposium

Deadline for Registration - 13th December 2019



13:00 – 13:10
Opening Remarks
Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Chief Advisor, Future Tales Lab, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
13:10 – 13:20
Opening Remarks
Assoc. Prof. Werasak Surareungchai, Freak Lab’s Director, BIT667 Astrobiotechnology course coordinator, School of Bioresources and Technology, KMUTT
13:20 – 13:45
Keynote 1: Wearable Biotech for Space Exploration
Pat Pataranutaporn, Media Lab, MIT
13:45 – 14:00
Student Presentation 1: Investigating Ant Species to Support Creating Robot Prototype for Building a Habitat Architecture in Mars
Bayu Hadi Permana, Muhammad Faiz
14:00 – 14:15
Student Presentation 2: Medical Treatment Against Radiation Using Crystal Clear Protein Produced in Humans Body Called MnSOD (Manganese Superoxide Dismutase)
Jasmine Ainayassyifa, Sagita Cahyani Mawaddah
14:15 – 14:40
Keynote 2: Space Food – Space Nham
Suwimol Surareungchai, Solopreneur of System Development Consultant Co., Ltd. Lead Instructor of FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food and Animal Food BRC GS Approved Trainer for Food, Packaging Materials and Storage and Distribution
14:40 – 14:50
14:50 – 15:05
Student Presentation 3: Cultivation of Cyanobacteria and Green Algae in Mars Water for Chlorate Reduction and Hydrogen Production
Natrawee Khetwunchai, Siraphatsorn Anusaraporn
15:05 – 15:20
Student Presentation 4: Building House on Mars by Bio-Polyethylene (Bio-PE) from Sugar Cane
Apinya Hongsup
15:20 – 15:45
Keynote 3: Space Exploration Learning Toolkit for Middle-School Student: A JSTP Camp
Dr. Sukrit Sucharitakul, Department of Physics and Materials Science, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University
15:45 – 16:00
Student Presentation 5: Bionano Laced Spacesuits: Green Synthesized AgNPs in Space Suit
Zubaida Daudzai
16:00 – 16:25
Keynote 4: Economic of Space Moon, Mars, Beyond
Khun Nattanon Dungsunenarn, Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, SPACETH.CO
16:25 – 16:50
Closing Remarks: From Class to Cash
Dr. Wares Chancharoen, Co-founder, Space Zab